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Datsun 411 Wagon Project


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Have access to a welder? Take a regular open nut, lug or otherwise and weld it to the lock nut thru the open center hole.


Can you get to it with a grinder? Cut a slot in the middle for a giant flat head and then find something to fit the slot.


Or grind two edges of so you can get a wrench on it.


There are options, just depends on the space you have available.

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beat a socket onto the end of the lug nut and use that to run it off if you have extras the size that'll fit tightly (press fit tight) over the nut.


i had the same issue with one of my rigs, ended up borrowing my mechanics locknut remover which was threads instead of clover


the clovers work good if you get them to catch, i use that style at work all the time just 3/16"

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Update 3 (12/5/15): More Random Things

Have not posted in a while just from not having the time. Finally caught a break in school work so I decided to throw this post together.
KxtZ4ZS.jpgRemoved the grill to get to the radiator easier.

mcwZfko.jpgGoing to have to clean those up and re-chrome some parts. From the amount of rusted out chrome we were thinking of just repainting the chrome parts a dark metallic silver. Still undecided but if we can grab clean bumpers in good condition we won't repaint.

Pht7zU7.jpgRadiator pulled.

ipjyh2W.jpgRocker arm cover off.

8nHUs4m.jpgRear seat springs in good condition.

XwexDD9.jpgAs well as the front. 

Not a whole lot of progress as of yet. We did manage to get the locking lugnuts off using a Gator Grips Self Adjusting 1/2" King Socket on a rattle gun. Pulling the engine should come some time over the later half of winter break (after Christmas). Till then I will be experimenting more with video updates and what type of format I want to approach that with. 

Thanks for stopping by.

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Update 4 (1/19/16): Fluids and Such

It has been over a month since the last update due in part to school and my neglect to grab a camera before we started work. My friend has been helping me with the project for the past few weeks. We both don't know as much as we should but we are eager to learn. Hopefully as I start up second semester classwork will start to slow down a bit and we can get more done on the car.


Since update 3 we have...




Taken off the exhaust from the manifold back.




Found that this was what the exhaust was being held together by. (Ignore piece of floor on the right).




I also have a feeling that this bracket was supposed to be holding up the exhaust. Unfortunately, the exhaust was holding the bracket up. 




Removed both the front and rear bumper. 




And checked out my spark plugs. 


Over last weekend we were able to...




Drain oil.




Drain hydraulic clutch fluid. 




Drain transmission fluid.




Remove the headlights.




And find this quarter minted in 1967 in the seat. May just be pure coincidence but it is a nice memento. 


I am hoping to continue working on this project and taking pictures as I go. I have been further experimenting in video updates but I have not found a way I would like to edit the videos into manageable sections. 



Thanks for stopping by.

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Update 5 (2/17/16): Engine and Transmission

Back again for a fairly major update. We recently received an engine stand from Amazon and with the holiday weekend we were able to get time to remove the engine and transmission. Enjoy the few pictures I have.








The engine stand is slightly too large for such a small engine but with a little twisting we were able to make it work. 






Flywheel, Clutch, Starter Motor.




Fenders came off last week but I deemed to minor to document.




Doors also came off.




Started on cleaning out the engine bay.


I am hoping to get the suspension out the car entirely and make it a shell by the time summer starts kicking off. I would just like to thank all the people on the forums that have been posting. I have no doubt that your advice will come in handy and it is greatly appreciated. 


Thanks for stopping by.

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So its been 4 years. Guess that means it's time for an update.

I'm taking some time off from college to work on the project this fall. Welcome to the thread revival.


Cleaning and painting have consumed my last few weekends and I'm finally getting to put some parts back in. Cam went in and the end play checks out.


Sorry for the toes.


I just plastigauged all my new main bearings and everything looks good so far. The real fun starts when throw A13 pistons in and see what happens. From the research I did, they have almost identical dimensions. If anyone knows better and I'm about to blow up my motor, please yell at me. 


More pictures coming soon.

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