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New guy in Santa Cruz

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Semi new guy here. Not new to forums or Datsuns but new to Datsun Forums.

Played with Dimes and 620 pickups back in the 90s.

Im looking for 510 coupe ( correction 2 door sedan) in decent shape to empty my wallet and piss off my wife.

wish me luck as I check the classifieds daily for "the one"

any advice for an old guy? im all ears.

Cheers Mike

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Welcome Mike! First thing you will get asked is if you are searching a true 510 Coupe (Which were RHD and never sold in the USA.) or if you are chasing a 2-door sedan? Getting a Coupe will be like a needle in a haystack, so you will have some time to prep the wife for the wallet drain about to happen! LOL!

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Welcome Mike.


Make sure when you find a car that you post lots of pictures to keep the pic whores who infest this site happy.


You could post a pic of your VW, it will give some of us here with short attention spans something to look at and comment on in the interim :)

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Pic whore here, I want something to look at


ANY pictures of the ones you had back in the day


The510keeper (or something like that) may have a few true coupes. Other than that, since I don't know what area you're in, check the Craigslist in the puget sound and Oregon for dimes, it's like datsun mecca in the pnw

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Four door sedan (saloon)

Two door sedan (saloon)

Station Wagon (also known as a 'goon' or estate car)

Japan domestic market (JDM) 510 Coupe*



Found this...


*Sold only in Japan so would have to have been imported here. Introduced in '69 with a Base and SSS model. The '70-'71 had a Base, Sport and SSS model. Only SSS model engines were high compression via flattop pistons and closed chamber 219 heads with dual Hitachi SU side draft carbs. The SSS '69 models had L16SSS engines (KP510WTK) with 100 PS (metric HP... about 98 HP) but the '71 had an optional L18SSS (KH510WTK) with 115PS (about 113HP) and for the first time a 3 speed floor shift automatic was available. There were no '72 510 Coupes.

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61 vw Double cab truck. my current running driving project

then my 71 4 door I bought in Soquel, CA for 100 bucks in 1999? sold it in 2000. im embarrassed to say what I sold it for


last pic is my old 82 corolla in 1993. old polaroid pic. that was a fun car. got sideways a lot

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Welcome back to the herd. As much as I want a 2-door, it pains me to think about selling my 4-door to do it. These cars have such personality. I have a wagon and a 4-door, how do I talk the wife into me needing a 2-door. The wagon was easier, because "Honey, we can put more stuff in it! It is more useful!" The two door.... "Honey... uh, it is less useful, but I just want the whole collection."


IMHO, the 510 4-door is one of the few cars where the extra two doors isn't a huge detractor, aesthetically. And though a little cheaper, usually, not as huge of a gap as American 2-door vs. 4-door prices. Still looks bad-ass.

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Year wise it wouldn't matter for me unless it was a 73 or a 68. Of all of them I'd want a 73 because it had some special bits (defroster, reinforced doors, light up knobs.) and they didn't make alot of them. The 68 had some metal that wasn't shared so it can be harder to find spares for. (Not sure if that carried over to the 69.) 


So I'd jump on the one with the best sheetmetal vs price. I do have a 69 grill on my 71!

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Ok. Quick question. If you had a choice between a 69 or a 70. Both clean 2 doors. Which would you pick?

I know 69 has some one year only stuff. im going to check them out tomorrow.



69' but i am biased,


but in reality, what scott said is your best bet, least body damage/rust if your looking for a nice candidate for a semi restore    

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Got pics today. Going to look in person tomorrow. The 70 is real clean original. Just how I like it. The 69 is a repainted shell. I have to buy both. That's the deal. Wish me luck I can score a fair deal

Oh dear, to be placed with such a dilemna, my heart bleeds for you :)


Buy both and post pics, its a win win for everyone then.

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