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B210 rear shackles where to buy them?

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Good evening everyone:


  As the title saids, I have a 1975 Datsun b210 which im working on and i came onto a small stump. In my search of purchasing needed parts to work with my car, I just couldn't find a Leaf spring rear shackle.  Do these exist? I want to buy them new but can't seem to find a part number or even a part for that matter. unless im searching it wrong .


I did see the picture on the datsun1200 club but there was no info, part number, or if it would fit the b210.



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Rear shackle part# 55220-H1000 and the plate part# is 55221-H1000 for 1974-78 B210's. Oddly enough it is the same part # as the Datsun 1200's, so bushings are available at:http://www.new-datsun-parts.com/datsun-1200-parts-exterior.html

Had my local Nissan dealer run part#'s NLA - no longer available and no dealers in the US show stock.


If the pins in the shackles are damaged,(if bushings were gone, spring wears on them OR the threaded broke-off trying to remove the nut!)  they can be pressed out and either replaced with a metric bolt or I MAY have some good used pins/shackle assemblies.

Sounds more like your shackles are missing??

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