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Headlight Reminder Buzzer


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So, I have caught myself on 2 mornings leaving my lights on and come back to a dead battery at lunch. >:(


I thought, there has to be a way to remind my dumb ass like in newer cars...




Found similar information on other sites, but thought I would throw my set up out here since I couldn't find one on here.


Basically the positive and positive cancel themselves out when the ignition and headlights circuits are on, when the ignition circuit is off and the headlight circuit is on the buzzer gets a complete circuit from ignition circuit becoming a ground (AKA a floating ground). When the headlight and the ignition are off they're both grounds and therefor it's off.


I bought a 3VDC-18VDC buzzer from Radioshack, some fuse taps and wired it to the head light fuse and the signal fuse.



Here is how is works.


Ignition/Signal Fuse: On

Headlight: On

Buzzer (Black Wire: +)  & (Red Wire: + ) : OFF


Ignition/Signal Fuse: Off

Headlight: On

Buzzer (Black Wire: - )  & (Red Wire: + ) : ON


Ignition/Signal Fuse: Off

Headlight: Off

Buzzer (Black Wire: - )  & (Red Wire: - ) : OFF



Anyway, enjoy!




WIR-30200.jpg &2015-03-26T15:40:08.903Z-0060-m.jpg.258x


Below is the fuse box and a temporary testing setup pre fuse taps.




It does suck if you want your lights on when your car is off, but I would leave my lights on accident more than I would need to run my light with my car off. 




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