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At a loss for 411 brakes


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If you want new shoes. Email porterfield enterprises, believe they are at racebrakes.com. You mail your worn out shoes to them, they professionally reline them and ship back to you. I did it from Hawaii, and the shoes are great. They specialize in vintage race cars that have rare or nla parts... I have the MKlotz disc kit up front too. He has kits in stock, here's your link: http://www.bluehandsinc.com/411-disc-brake-kit.html

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Rockauto ,,,,,, :rofl: :rofl:



anyways,,,  i know of a few of 411 guys around that may be able to sell you a set of shoes to send in to get relined, so your car won't be down for long ,, as getting brand new/ relined shoes would be the easiest option.

   Not sure if anyone has any good drums though..    I would assume yours could probably still be turned and trued up if you went to a private owner operator shop,,,, national chains want to ALWAYS sell you a new one,,,,, that just don't exist.


SEND a PM to  member ,, http://community.ratsun.net/user/58-vindats1/  she is easier to get by her e-mail but i don't know if she would want me to post it here.


she had a whole bunch of new and/or NOS  stuff on her shelves the last time we were there,,, maybe she has some brake parts... And she lives very close to where you are... Look up " Flaming Geyser state park"  for a general location.

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