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Datsun 510 Steering Wheel Hub "NRG"

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So story goes, I bought a Grant steering wheel for my 1970 Datsun 510. Then I needed a hub. Searching through the forums on Good ol' Ratsun, I found that "Grant Steering Wheel Installation Kit 4581" would fit my 510. Found it on SUMMIT RACING so I purchased it.

I finally got it in the mail and bam, of course, knowing my luck, it didn't fit.


So I started a new search in a new steering wheel hub and I found a pretty nice hub from NRG. But from I read, from old forums like 3 or 4 years ago, since I guess those are the newest ones for this topic, they said NRG didn't make a hub that would fit the 510. So now, let's fast forward to 2015, I went to the NRG website and they STILL DIDNT make a model for Datsun 510.


But on eBay, I found a hub from NRG that said "it would be compatible" but who's to say. I took a risk and paid $100 bucks in this model "Short Hub SRK-142H" from NRG and what do you know, It DOES FIT!!!!!


So now, I just bought a steering wheel that I shoulda got from the beginning and wanted, a 340mm Nardi Steering wheel. I can post up pictures of you guys are interested in the hubs I bought and the steering wheel I should be receiving by this Friday. And help answer any questions that you guys may have.


Or if you guys know any more information I left out, let me know. Lol. And BTW, I didn't get a momo hub or anything because I didn't know what model to get

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i have the same nrg hub works great! even makes horn functional and turns off the signal after wheel is turned straight.



okay so today i tried the hub out.


first of all it doesnt come with these 2 pins that turn the turn signal off after you straighten the wheel out i had to pull them out of the stock steering wheel.



It site perfectly where i wanted it to. A problem that i found out i will run into is fitting the horn button in with the hub being soo slim the steering wheel nut takes up a lot of room. ill post pics when i get the sleeve for the horn button.




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