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Got 8 NEW Distributor Caps I Need To Get Rid Of!

SoCal Dude

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Hey everyone, I have 8 brand new, Nissan OEM NOS Distributor Caps I need to get rid of!

(1) 22162-D2201

(7) 22162-18F01



Part numbers don't help much. I don't know my dizzy part number so in your ad specify...


(1) 22162-D2201 this is for the CA20E in a Stanza built Sept '86 and up


(7) 22162-18F01 this for a Z24i crank angle sensor distributor for...

'86-'89 Hardbody

'85 and up CA18ET S12 200sx

Jan to May '86 CA20E S12 200sx

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