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Daytona Part Co Carbs and Carb Rebuild Kits


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Any one use their carbs on datsun engines ( I have an A14 but any reviews would be great)?


It looks like they stock most carb rebuild kits for Webers and factory Datsun carbs.


They also carry universal replacement carbs as well, read a few random reviews about them and they seem like a good quality part.



Saw a guy plugging them on Jay Leno's YouTube show:




Thoughts or reviews?

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I didn't post before since I'd never heard of this company before you posted. However it is an interesting vid and I'd hoped someone would have some information. I suspect the carb kits are somewhat pricey, but maybe worth it. I usually buy old-stock kits off eBay for cheap. They aren't Chinese made junk, but probably 30 years old and items like the accelerator pump diaphragm probably are none too supple. Maybe your post will inspire someone to try one of the Dayton kits and report back.



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Mr.Dean - I've got a set of SUs to rebuild (sometime in the distant future) and a friend here has a 1600 roadster he wants to rebuild the carbs on. So all of Ratsun (okay, a couple of us) are looking forward to your report on Dayton. :D I have a feeling my practicet of buying old cheap rebuild kits may be false economy.



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