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the ozone rumba


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This is a intro for me on these fourms.


My dad had a light blue hardbody (maybe, i know she was datsun) with a rusthole in the passenger side floor (we kept a carpet chunk over it)a camper shell on the back for when he needed to get some sleep from to many drinky poos, and i loved that truck based all car coolness off it when i got old enough to drive.


So ive always had a datsun lust. I now have a 06 350 Z an im convinced that i can bring out the datsun inside her. Ill post some pics later as im gettin ready to hit the hey.


Joined ratsun because you all are more interesting than the tuner brouz in 350 fourms. I hope that we can have some good talks ill need some strong dialogue to make my car show its roots and bring out the cheer that all nissans were ment to have


Peace thanks for reading

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I found a cherry 2 door 85 sentra 59 k miles for $ 3k its nice thinkin that ill offer 2 thou cash see whats up. Auto 3 speed i think. still has working bell when key is left in the ing with door open. According to one source nissan made a version of this car called the samurai with a turbo an a three door one called the ninja. What a cool thing to have in the eightys a nissan ninja.

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