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gene knight

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Next year's SWDP BBQ will be on Saturday August 20th at the Martin Tudor Regional Park in fontana, CA. More information will be posted in the future. Hope to see some guys from Northern California and maybe from Oregon and Washington state.

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You are welcome guys.  My truck made it to last years event on a trailer, so do not worry if it does not run bring it any ways.  Let's all have a fun day talking cars trucks and eating barbecue. 


If anyone can make that flyer bigger feel free my photobucket is set to share so if there are any photos you see on my PB please help yourselves.

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Ok heres some more info on the BBQ. It will be held @ Martin tudor park in Fontana CA from 520 am -620 pm. As in years past the bbq will be pot luck so please bring something for the grill if you can....this system works well & everybody gets a chance to eat. Heres a link to the park with directions & all the info you need to know....


And also in years past a few of us will be booking rooms at the Wig Wam Motel which is a perfect place to hang by the pool & visit on into the night so feel free to stop by after the bbq !


More than likely there will be a few people there taking pix for they're online show coverage websites !

Our event is open to any & all old school import trucks & cars not just Datsun trucks & is very family oriented so please no burn outs..attitudes or alcohol [park rules] thanks.

For questions feel free to PM me here on Ratsun.

We look forward to seeing you guys & gals there..bring your camera & have fun :thumbup:

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