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welcome back to the datsun world craziness, we had a meet back in the beginning of october in williams, az but there is a car show on december 5th at the castle n coasters playland here in phoenix, check out the info on events. it is listed as  severed in the southwest.

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Nice man! I used to have an 85 720 on 18"Titan 5spoke but I sold it bout 3 years ago. I have a 72 240 shell right now that I'm trading for another 72 that's not a shell. A buddy of mine wants to rebuild my car cause I got in over my head with it and let it sit. It's got a motor and tranny, it's all pretty much there just needs to be put back together, and frankly I don't have the time nor space now that I'm here in Phx to do so.

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Right on. I was in a club when I lived in Tucson, we did a Mt. Lemmon run back in like 2011 or something like that. Loads of fun. I live in Phx now and will have another 72 come December so I will be working on getting her road worthy, just need a deadline for a meet to keep me motivated hahaha

Check this site for AZ events: http://desertdatsuns.com/ 

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