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So Cal Noob Here


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Hi guys,


New member here, currently without a 510.  Back in 1984, I had a 72 510 2 door that by the standards of the 1980's, was pretty tricked out, hence my screen name and personalized license plate.  In late 85, I gave the car to my then girlfriend who in turn sold it for $1500, and it was never seen again (I dumped her about a year later). Long story short, as a California car I'm wondering if it survived and is still on the road somewhere today.  The color was true baby blue (remember this was the 80's) and other than a Weber carb, Hooker header and Thrush muffler, it had a stock motor but was lowered and had shaved door handles/locks, side marker lights, license plate lights and fuel filler door.  The hood was louvered and the wheels were Carroll Shelby Talladega's.  Seeing how 510's are now a valued commodity, I would love to locate it and buy it back, or start all over with a new one.  I'll try to post up some pictures in the next day or so.

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Here's a few pics.  I know I have more somewhere but need to find them.  The first two were before the custom body work and paint and the third was a picture of my brand new 1985 ATC 250R with my 510 in the background in October of 1984.  I still have the 250R.




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