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Alexzilla's '76 F10 - This is so stupid.

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Well, I suppose it's time to give the ole F10 it's own "build" thread. I use the term "build" loosely as I'm not going to be doing anything too crazy to the car, but what I am going to be doing is trying to optimize what is there for as cheaply as possible to make it an ultra reliable daily driver. Just for shits and giggles, I'll probably try to get it on an autocross next year as well.


Some of you may have seen the crazy trip I made to get this thing, most of you probably haven't. I'll give you the TL;DR version here: I live in Bowling Green, KY. I really wanted a stupid, ugly, unique car to drive every day thanks to a really stupid and funny YouTube video I watched. Thanks to that video, the search for an F10 or B210 began. Someone on here sent me a link to an F10 in Klamath Falls, Oregon. That is approximately 2400 miles from my home. So, like any sensible person, I purchased a one way ticket to Oregon, took a cab to the car, jumped in and drove it 2400 miles home over the course of four days. This may be hard to believe, but I actually did this and the car gave me zero major issues. Now that I'm tearing into it and seeing the condition that many of its components are truly in, I may start believing in some sort of higher power. Basically every wear item on the car is fucked: brakes, ball joints, tie rod ends, tires, clutch, etc. So, kudos to Datsun for designing a very robust vehicle. I never thought I'd describe this thing as "robust", but it has certainly earned it.


Here are a few pictures of the car from the trip:

















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So, this is the post where I will update what needs to be done, and what gets done. I only started tearing into the car about a week ago despite having made the journey to purchase it a few months back. Unfortunately for the Datty, I also have a turbo Trans Am race car nearing completion and it has required the lion's share of my attention. However, it is out for some wiring and some loose ends, so I've now been focusing on the Datsun.


I started by first removing the AIR injection system and disabling the EGR. Less weight, less drag on the engine... That's a no-brainer. I also eliminated the bulky stock air cleaner and some redundant/useless vacuum lines. All of these things freed up a fair amount of real estate in the engine bay and just generally made it look better. I went ahead and stuck a new fuel filter in it, as well as some plugs and wires. The distributor cap and rotor look as if they have been recently replaced, so thanks, previous owner! I will throw some new vacuum lines in it, but that should just about do it under the hood excluding an oil change with a non-Fram oil filter. Suck it, previous owner and fuck Fram filters. Once everything is complete, I will have an exhaust shop put an entire new exhaust underneath as what is there is rusty and it looks like shit.


Next we'll move on to the drivetrain, beginning with the clutch. It began slipping in the mountains of Utah but held up to get me home. If you are familiar with the F10 at all, you're probably familiar with the fact that the clutch job is an over the fender affair that does not require engine and/or transmission separation or removal. I pulled the clutch cover, a geared hub contraption, slid the old clutch out, slid the new one in and buttoned it all up. The "45-minute clutch job" is not a myth. I think just about any warm body could pull this off with about five tools. While I was at it, I stuck a new clutch slave cylinder and clutch hose on it as well. I also found CV axles for both sides which is fantastic considering that both outer boots were busted and probably haven't had grease in them in my lifetime (I'm 27 years old).


Now, onto the braking system. The brakes are not great, and they'll probably still suck once I replace everything, but they'll be better. The front brake assembly is some weird shit. It is called an "Annette-type" system according to the manual. As I go through the process, I will post some pictures. If I can help some future hapless F10 owner such as myself, it'll be a job well done. As soon as my wheel bearings and seals arrive, I will pull the hub (this is required to remove the rotor) and go to town. I have new rotors, pads, calipers, and lines for the front. This leads us to the rear drums. I'll tell you, I fucking hate messing with drum brakes. But this is what I have, and there sure as hell isn't a widely known disc conversion for these things. There isn't a widely known anything for this car, so drums it is! Like the front, it is getting the full monty with drums, shoes, wheel cylinders, hardware, and lines. Surprisingly, RockAuto offered a kit that included everything for the rear sans bearings and seals.


The next step past the brakes is the suspension. I'll post some pictures in a bit, but holy hell some of this stuff is in bad shape, namely the tie rod ends. Luckily, new tie rod ends to go along with new ball joints and rear shocks. I'd love to put some new struts on the front, but I have yet to find any. So, if you know of some, hook a brother up. I'm also going to lower the car at some point. Not to "stancebro" levels, but hopefully a couple inches. With the lack of an aftermarket, I'm going to have to resort to making blocks for the rear (yeah, it has leaf springs) and cutting the coil springs up front. Again, if any of you know of any alternatives, I'm all ears.


The last major piece of the puzzle is wheels and tires. I have been back and forth on what I'm going to do, but the key is not spending a ton of money so I'm probably going to just throw new tires on the stock wheels after I clean them up and give them a fresh coat of paint. This will also include restoring those awesome hubcaps.



Running total: I have already dumped $928.03 into this shitbox. What a time to be alive!

Updated: 11/11/2015

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And back already.


Found this. Kinda validates my description.




What are you going to build out of it?


Haha absolutely. I always tell people that is one of the first results when you search "Datsun F10." It's ugly as hell and that's why I like it. Just plan on making it a dependable daily that makes people feel sorry for me when they see it.


I remember the trip thread. Good stuff.


nice to see a build thread finally. The other good thing about a build thread is others can now help you get stumped.


Yes, this thing definitely has some "unique" designs when it comes to the mechanicals.

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Annette calipers.... never heard them called this before so looked it up. It's similar to the 620 disc, 810, A10, S10, 610/710, and others. The caliper has two pistons... one directly pushing a pad against the rotor, and the other directly away against a metal plate that reaches around the rotor and pulls a pad against the other side. This caliper and fixture has to 'float' and center itself as the pads wear down.

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Over the weekend update!


I added a little Excel screenshot to my second post that will make it easy to see what I've finished and what needs to be finished. As you can see, the clutch & slave, fuel filter, emissions removal, wipers, and plugs & wires have all been completed. I began tackling the front brakes and bearings, but the hub murdered my hub puller. I went ahead and removed the driver's side hub, and will do the same for the passenger side. I'll take these to a shop to have the new bearings, seals, and rotors installed. Yeah, I cannot remove the rotors without disassembling the hub. In the meantime, I plan to tackle the rear brakes next. While I'm back there, I'll slap those new shocks in as well.


While the front hub/brake assembly is gone, I will remove the lower control arms and power wash the shit out of them, paint them, and install the new ball joints. I love bolt-in ball joints. I'll also do the outer tie rod ends at that point.


Apologies for not uploading any progress pictures, I'll do so tonight. Here's a pointless picture of all of the shiny new parts though.



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I got a little busy on it last night. All I wanted to do was get the passenger side hub removed, but I had momentum on my side so I went ahead and bolted the CVs up, slid the outer tie rod ends on, installed a new belt, and bolted the new rear shocks in place. I also disassembled the rear drum brake assembly. I'm glad I did that as the bearings need to be pressed into the drums as well. Now, I'll need to get the hubs and drums to a shop to get everything pressed in. Once I find time to do that, cleaning the control arms & painting them and installing all new rubber brake lines will headline the docket.


Here's the car in all of its jackstand glory at the moment




Current state of the engine bay. It was a lot more crowded with all of the emissions bullshit.




Front suspension sans the hub. I drove this car 2400 miles with ball joints that look like that. I feel that I am deserving of some kind of reward.




The weird front hubs.





New rear shock installed!


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I absolutely love this car. Put some nice wheels under it (13 or14") and give it a mild drop, maybe some zg flares...nah no flares. Just put some nice wheels on her and lower just a bit. Thing is so ugly it's beautiful. I am jealous.


Haha thanks man. I'm considering a few different options right now. I'm either going to stick with the stockers and restore the weirdo hubcaps, Watanabe reps, or Work Equip reps.


You can use cheap air in the tires but don't cheap out on filter and oil. NAPA Gold or WIX with 15W40 Shell Rotella T or Chevron Dell0 400.


It's a Wix filter. As long as it's not a Fram filter, I'm comfortable with it. Don't think I'll go quite that thick on the oil, especially with winter just around the corner.

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Haha thanks man. I'm considering a few different options right now. I'm either going to stick with the stockers and restore the weirdo hubcaps, Watanabe reps, or Work Equip reps.



It's a Wix filter. As long as it's not a Fram filter, I'm comfortable with it. Don't think I'll go quite that thick on the oil, especially with winter just around the corner.

If you like meshies I've got some appliance 14" in a storage unit in Tucson. Gotta clean em up but after I get my ssr formulas I'll sell em to ya! Haha

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What kind of winter do you get? That body looks to clean to drive on salty snowy roads.


Nothing too crazy. We had our worst winter ever last year and I think we had snow on the ground for 2-3 weeks, maybe. If it's shitty out, I'll just drive my truck.


If you like meshies I've got some appliance 14" in a storage unit in Tucson. Gotta clean em up but after I get my ssr formulas I'll sell em to ya! Haha


I appreciate it, but I'll pass on them. The offsets are probably totally different though. I have to stick around a +40 give or take.

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Oi Vey, not only does this car look like the back end of  British Bulldog, its got an East West motor and bizzare hubs that kinda remind me of a mini minor.


Definitely liking this car and the build so far.


Its kind of like a mass casualty train crash, you dont want to look but you just have to.

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This thing is so weird that it has to be good.


I have some little wheels I keep tripping over that might fit the bill for this. They are 13x5 et40. I don't know what they came on originally, but they have Nissan cast into them.



I'll send you a pm.


Responded  :thumbup:

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UPDATE: Nothing crazy, but I dropped the hubs and drums off to have the new bearings pressed in, rotors mounted, and seals installed. Due to festivities this weekend, I probably won't get to do much, but luckily there isn't a ton left to do! Hopefully I'll be able to clean the rear hubs up and install the new wheel cylinders. I'm also going to remove the front struts for inspection as to what I can do for replacing them. You absolutely cannot find new strut assemblies (If any of you have a super secret Datsun source that can hook me up, I'll buy you a beer or 12). I may remove the front coils and cut them while I'm at it. Like the struts, the aftermarket is nonexistent.

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