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Charlie69's 1985 720 King Cab ST Parts Truck


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Left the Williams run about 1:30 pm after having lunch with Fun5ten (Ben) & rv510 (Rich) to go to Kingman to look at a 1985 Nissan 720 ST King Cab.






Well I was sold when I saw The ST Alloys!!! The problem is there is no title it was abandoned about 13 years ago on some property where it stayed until they owner of the property gave it to the current seller about 4 years ago. He could not get it running. lost interest and listed it on Craigslist for $400.


Long story short I purchased it for $200 as is with a bill of sale. It is now in Gene's back yard.


Got a little done on the 85 720 ST with Gene's help but got rained out. Had no power to the fuse box so started checking out the battery terminals are real dirty, so cleaned those. Still no power to the fuse block. took the fuse-able link apart from the battery terminal screw, cleaned the copper piece that the screw goes though and installed a new terminal bolt. now have power to the fuse box. Removed a hack installed Cal Custom cruise control. Every connection was made with scotch locks. The worst way to make a connection.


Sprayed some starting fluid in the carb and it fired and ran for a few seconds.


Found that the fuel pump was bad. I think I have a good used one, if not I will order a new Facet Fuel Pump. I will replace all the old rubber fuel lines and while I have them of the steel lines I will spray carb cleaner in them and let it set for a few minutes, then I will rubber band a couple paper towels over one end of the steel lines and the using a compressor I will blow through the lines. The paper towels will catch any thing that comes out of the lines.


Started pulling the gas tank and the rain started and got rained out.


Also Gene pointed out that the spare under the truck was also an ST wheel.


Pictures to come later.


Did not know Gene took these pictures with my camera.









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No all nighter, a few hours here and a few hours there, about 5 hours and it runs.  Need to work on exhaust noises so I can better here the engine run.  the hydraulics are bad, both brake and clutch.  I have all new brake parts except the hydraulic hoses.  Need the clutch hydraulics though.  Needs u-joints and carrier bearing, I have a new carrier bearing.  cooling system as of now works.


The tank looks real rusty so I will take it to Tom my radiator guy and have him flush it.  He does not charge me if he can not get it clean.  Like all of the stock carbs it runs ruff and rich.


Not going to put much money in to it until I know more about the engine.  The trans shifts through all 5 gears and reverse works.  Rear end works.


Gene has some video of it running.  I hope he will post it for you guys.

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Well me and Charlie69 worked on getting the rear drums removed after some heavy hammer persuasion then tried to bleed brakes but after some investigation and cleaning of bleeder screws and checking brake lines we do have fluid bleeding out of front brakes but dribbling out of rears, it seems that the valve on frame underneath the bed/cab on passenger side may be the issue of why poor brake fluid flow. We even checked to shoes and hardware on the rears, no leaks at wheel cylinders. So we need to repair the brake pressure proportioning valve I hope to have fluid bleeding at all 4 wheels.

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The NLSV (Nissan Load Sensing Valve )  appears to be plugged.  No pressure going through the NLSV and will not bleed.  Truck has set for over 14 years.  Brake fluid is nasty.


I have the rear of the vehicle jacked way up on jack stands (for fuel tank removal) and this could be causing the problem with the NLSV not allowing fluid to pass.  The 1985 Factory Service Manual says "do not use a NLSV that has been taken apart and put back together, replace NLSV as an assembly."


I will jack up the front of the vehicle and level out on jacks stands, reinstall the NLSV and retry bleeding the NLSV and the rear brakes. 


I found on my internet search a post by Datzenmike on another forum from years ago where he explains the function of the NLSV.  Unfortunately I can not find the post again or I would copy and paste it here.


Mike if you could re-post your description of the workings of the NLSV it would be greatly appreciated as the factory service manuals do not help.

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