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To pull or to cut and flare?


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Brandon here first time poster, I got a 67 pl411 with some wide tires. So the question should I continue to roll and pull fenders or pony up the money and buy some flares and cut the fenders to facilitate the wide tires?

I currently have the lips rolled and slightly pulled with what I can do myself but they are still rubbing just on the outside of the tred.

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I have 8" wide wheels with a 65 profile and mine stretch ever so slightly.


You have like 6.5 inch wide wheels.

Tire sizes are hard, expensive, to find in 14. At least in smaller ratios.


Step down to like a 195 or 205 width with a 50 or 55 profile.


I don't know what the stock tire size is.

Find that out then try to keep the same size total diameter with whatever you choose.

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If you go flares you will have to find tire/rim combo that fills them all the way.


using any wheels that don't fill the flares it will make the flares pointless and it will look dumb


Pulling the fenders would be a better option

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If you end up gong with a different wheel , MAKE SURE THE STUDS ARE THE SAME AS THE LUGS !!!!! This is the problem holding up my FBSS 411. The 65 411 has smaller studs than newer style wheels. I have 200sx wheels on my 411, The studs are a different thread pitch and are a larger stud for the wheels I am running. The only solution I have found, is to get some grade 10 bolts, have the ends milled down and weld the studs in. I might go with a higher grade bolt to handle all the bouncing around it will be doing. Also if you roll the fenders use some HEAT !! the rears go fairly easy but the fronts are a PIA !!! way soft metal it likes to push the fender out and can get it a little funky. Good Luck !!

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Do whatever you want to do to it, it's yours so make it the way you want it. There are opinions like assholes,( everyone has one). If you choose to fuck it up in someone else's opinion, that's too bad. They will get over it.  when I get around to posting more pics of my truck, lots will say it needs to be (moar) lower. whatever moar means, but it's staying at the stock height

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(Internet slang, humorous) Alternative form of more.


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