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1990 240 sx SOHC HELP!!!

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I have a 1990 240sx ka24e SOHC and the car has no spark and I think I know the issue but I want some thoughts

on the distributor there is clearly the four wires that go to a connecter and that's plugged in. But at the bottom base of the distributor where the wires go in theres a single small rectangle tab that looks to need a connector. That is not there, dose something need to be plugged into it do you know if that needs to be plugged in to something or would cause a no spark condition ?

I cant find any thing on this little connector and figured to ask here

also any idea where I can post this on this site to ask for help from others ?? any help would be extremely appreciated  

 Example of tab ----->  http://www.carsteeri...-40F10-Map1.jpg

that little gold tab         



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how would i test the spark at the coil ?


With this, go on earth do you even know you don't have spark?


Spark at coil? Yes? Do you have spark leaving the distributor to plugs?


Spark at coil? No? Do you have 12V at coil (+) and continuity to ground at coil (-)?

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