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Hello all..


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Hello all,


I am been here for some time and this is my first post...  I recently picked up a 69 2 door for my son.  It will be his gradution present when he graduates high school.  It needs work but its a good base.  I have never really restored or customized any car before so I am really looking forward to messing with it.


Thank you





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Cant see the pics on car domain :(


There's a few of us rotary owners here, but Rx7club and nopistons are very good informational sites.


First thing to find out is when the last rebuild on the engine was done, and what mods.  200whp on a 13b is a large streetport or half Bridgeport.


Its loud and fun!  He should really know how to drive well before you completely hand this over.  I can hit 80 in 2nd gear at 8k, and I only have a 12a, and am not a gutted race car!


Just be careful and have fun! :)

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Thanks for the info Heywier247,  it will be awhile before he takes it over.  I stress that the first time he f's up ... Its gone. 

Two years ago,  I have my oldest a 1976 280z  with a V8 in it for his gradutation; so far he's been really good about not doing dumb shit.



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