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Another Datsun in Dago


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So today i got the titans back from the tire shop and couldnt wait to jack her up & slep em on for a test fit.

I have just been trying to find a good welder to get my 4-link and step notch welded in.

I got one quote from a shop down here in S.D. and they want a grip to weld link and notch the truck so if anybody out here want to put down some nice welds for me, let me know.

I need to get some rear disc squared away out back with new hoses running to the front next.

In the mean time, I need to replace my wheel studs with a new set I recieved from the Rock.

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Heres where a question to the suspension fabricators of the crew comes in,

I plan to build my truck to tow a small jet boat in the summer to Laughlin and occasional camping trips. I have a mini camper also so Bag behind axle or Bag on link bar ? Im assuming bag behind axel like the truckers.

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Today i got a chance to get back on it a bit. I started working on the extended lugs for the from Rock A.

I only got so far due to not having the right tools, gotta work on my tool game !!

I just threw gunk parts from my rear ends to clean, see how the purp stuff from parts store works to degrease..

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