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A15 Starter Fitment

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I've come across a discrepancy in A series starters.

My understanding was that they should all interchange, but I'm unsure of that at this point.


The one on the left is P/N 16211 (Autozone/RockAuto are indentical). The solenoid placement hits the corner of the block.

The starter on the right came off the car ('82 B310 with 60A 5MT), and is listed as Bosch SR136X, and fits the engine fine.

Placement of the solenoid is farther away from the mounting face on the casting.



Can anyone point me in the direction of a starter that fits properly, or know why the two castings are different?

Would an A15 forklift starter work, and has anyone tried a forklift starter on an automotive A15? These seem to have a solenoid which is farther away like my old Bosch starter.



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I don't know but...


The starter fits the transmission and not really the engine. Perhaps the starter for an automatic is in a slightly different position... maybe lower down and the solenoid tilted inward where there is more space? If placed on a manual transmission higher up the solenoid does not clear. 


The 210 had a 56 series 4 speed and two 60 series 5 speeds (one a dogleg pattern). The B-210 a 4 speed a 63 series dogleg 5 speed and an automatic. The 310 has 4 and 5 speeds plus automatics... all FWD.

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210 (B310) Starter part #'s


MTM: 23300-H7300R

ATM:  23300-H6902R



Same for B210 but does not list the gear reduction one as an option and same #'s for a 1200

All A motors

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Datzenmike & Kelmo,


thanks for the replies.


Thus far I'm still struggling to find a definitive part # for the original starter that came with the engine.

I may have a local dealer order a 23300-H7300R for comparison.


23300-H7300R pulls up on a Nissan Parts site and crossreferences as Remy DRS2231 on Rock Auto.

Most Nissan part #s crossreference as 16211 on Rockauto/Autozone/etc, (including the SR136X from the stater that fit) which as of now will not fit my engine/transmission.


Below is an image of the listed starters for an '82 210 (B310) on Rock Auto, which I where I got the part # for the reduction starter (16611).



This is the part # listing from the datsun1200 tech wiki:


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FWIW, my info is from a quick reference book used at Nissan dealers in the late 70's & early 80's.

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