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510 sputtering at 2500 rpm


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Hello Ratsuners,

My friend has a problem with his L18, she sputters around 2500 RPM. She has a new engine build and was running fine a few weeks ago, 

she has a new alternator, and a gear reduction starter, single points, new plugs. She idles fine and revs fine. when ii drove her. she started to sputter rapidly.

She has dual SU carbs,

Any help would be great?

Thank you!


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Thanks for the replies. we have done all these, new filter, new fuel pump, points, condensers, checked float bowl level when bogged down, new coil, plugs, wires. oil level on pots.We still need to change or check ballast, and recheck float levels.

im sure its something simple, but haven't figured it out yet. we'll look at more on monday.

Any other suggestions would be great! Thank you all.


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Make sure the vents on the float bowls are clear and any attached tubing isn't obstructed. I had issues like you are describing, I doubt this is your problem but if so, it's a free fix. I went from sputtering to pulling hard to 6k rpm when I removed the messed up vent tubing.

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