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Well I guess I have a 521 project now...

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I found this on craigslist running and driving for a price I couldn't overlook. It's a 1970 but built in 69 so it's got the round side markers and the finned valve cover. Also came with the bumperettes and brackets that I will be putting on the truck soon.

Anyways, here's a pic. More to come.


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So the spark plug wires are mixed up. Firing order is 1243, my manual shows 1342 is correct (as does every 4 cylinder I've ever worked on..) but when I switch the plugs to 1342 it won't stay running. Should Im suspecting the distributor or the cam timing is off by a tooth. Anyone know which would be more likely or have a better idea than me?

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anytime you buy another vehicle always ck out the cam timming  valve lash and distributor timming.


You can ck if timming off with a timming light as it will show this. way advance or after with the light

A missing cylinder can be a valve lash tight or hole in valve or something like that.


I cant explain you saying it runs better with 1243?????????????



 owning a old vehicle make sure IF saying IF points it has a point coil and a ballast resisitor. Moron kids will add cool looking coils and fry the points and runs like shit.


I think its a cool truck I would just run the Patina as I lay money you need new kingpins on thes rig first. or grease them


oh ck the oil in diff and trans also asap



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I'm a jackass. I was looking at the distributor clockwise not ccw. The firing order is correct but the distributor is maxed on advance. I think it's off a tooth on the drive gear. I'm gonna check the timing and see what it's set at now. I plan on switching to electronic ignition soon though

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There is a plate between the distributor, and the distributor pedastal.  Both the bolts that go up into the distributor body, and down into the pedastal are in slotted holes in the plate.  Try loosening the bolt going up into the distributor body, and see if that gets you more timing adjustment.

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So I've been thinking about power lately and decided that I want to go with an LZ for this truck to keep the stock look. I've been on the look out for a cheap Z22 block for a bit but if anyone has one or knows of one for sale for cheap let me know. Same goes for a closed chamber L head and or a hot cam for L series. I may build the engine a little hot if the opportunity presents itself.

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How far you willing to travel for a z22 block and a full L20B for the swap parts?

I may want to take you up on that if he doesn't.

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North of Seattle. 



Which ever of you decide to come get this...a little bit of work may be needed to get what you need. 




Z22 block and guts. Whole L20B with 71B 4 speed. Z22 is ready to be picked up. L20B is in a 620 still.

There is not a picker there. But I've removed an L20B from a 620 out the bottom. 



We'll consider it an Xmas gift from hobospider, uberkevin, and myself. 

We're extending this to the 2 of you only at this point. 

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