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320 Hubcap Reproduction

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Hi Fellow 320 truck owners.

Determining the feasibility of reproducing 320 Hubcaps.
Joe E and I have finally had time to pursue the reproduction of 320 hubcaps.
We have estimates from fabricating and chrome shops for forming them from steel
on a mold and doing  quality chroming. 
The bottom line is about $400 for a set of 4 if we have 25 sets made.
End cost will include a share of  expenses and shipping . Probably abut $425 total. More for OZ shipping.
At a $100 a piece it is cheaper than chroming your old ones ( if you have any).
They are most often scratched, pitted and rusted, requiring a lot of prep work. 
Usual $150 and up.
IF there is enough interest at $100 each ( could be less or more mainly depending on the
quality of the raw steel surface that goes to the chrome shop) 
I am willing to finance the production of 100.
I would do this as a service to the 320 community and the price would just reflect costs.
BUT being an old guy and not born yesterday and aware of our reputation for "penuriousness" I would need
serious commitments for purchase of 25 sets. Serious is not "I want" but a substantial $ deposit.
We will get other plating quotes and it may reduce the price.
If there is not sufficient interest that is no problem.
If any of you have experience in this kind of reproduction and can get it done cheaper,please let me know.
IF you are interested please respond on this post to show us all the level of interest.
IF 25 or more sets are requested  I will finalize the costs and collect deposits before proceeding with production.
You can contact me directly at

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The proposed reproduction of 320 hubcaps is abandoned.

There is insufficient interest at the price of $100 a cap.


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If you're gauging the feasability of production by the response here on Ratsun, it may not be the right forum. Datsuns are a niche market anyway and 320's are a niche inside that niche.

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