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help with coilovers or struts!?


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i have a 76 280z but only have the springs in the back i need to get coils or struts but the thing is my rear end is a ford narrowed 8.8 how would i go along looking for coils or struts do i look for ones to fit a datsun or ones that fit a ford rear end? i don't know much about the suspension work so any help is appreciated 

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This is impossible to answer and not just because of the run on nature of the question. You're mating ford to Datsun. Nothing is going to connect the two except something custom made. A wild guess would be ford on one end and Nissan on the other. The Z car was IRS with coil spring struts. You have a solid axle and it's unknown to me if the ford was leaf spring or coil and link.


Lots of pictures would help here.

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Check but I think the strut tube is 2" so any sleeve just large enough to fit over this should work. How low are you wanting to go because more than a couple of inches risks bottoming out the strut. For this you can often swap in a shorter strut. 

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