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620 disk brake problem begins


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Well the obvious thing to do is look at the fronts. Raise the front and check that one side is not more worn that the other. If everything looks normal put the rims back on and  brake lightly. Try turning the tires. Does one turn and the other not? Possibly the right caliper has seized and isn't exerting the same braking on the passenger side..


Check the rears, specially the passenger side. Look for something broken, or wetness. Lack of braking on the right side will allow the left rear to pull the truck to the left when braking.

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NAPA... don't know.


You have to remove it anyway so take it off and retrieve the pads. Leave the brake hose on and try compressing the piston back by using a large C clamp and small chunk of wood across it. Just 1/8" or the brake fluid will over flow the master. The pistons are on one side and the both push and pull with a large iron part that holds the pad on the opposite side. The caliper assy has to 'float' on the rotor and often rusts in place and just needs wire brushing and lithium or brake grease on the sliding parts. If you need new pads, now's the time. Be sure to pump brakes several times to extend the caliper piston before driving or the first time you stop the pedal will drop to the floor.

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