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1970s Datsun Laurel. Value in USA?


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I have a question for our USA members..




If a '73 - '77 Right hand drive Datsun Laurel 200L like this in good condition were to be in an auction in USA perhaps alongside other JDM models such as C10 / C110, how well do you think it would do? Not everyone can afford $175,000 for  C10 GT-R or whatever the last one just sold for so what do you realistically think an original unmolested Laurel 4 door sedan with no issues would sell for , and are there any other known Laurels residing in USA ? As you may know the 200L is similar in styling and shares a lot of parts with the 240K GT Skyline.


Are there any restrictions to registering imported cars in USA, if so are there year cutoffs that make it easier /harder or does it depend on what state  you are registering in?





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Post something on line for buyers in the states and see what offers you get. A private sale to a collector would eliminate auction fees. Try Jay Leno. He probably has a whole office that fields questions like this and look for cars he would like.

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No there is now only one coupe in England, there were two but the other was sold last year for equivalent $13,000 US requiring restoration to a buyer in the Netherlands.

There are only around six sedans, including the one I will be selling , just considering what the markets might be like in other countries since I've seen many cars fetch very good prices in USA. I have imported cars from USA that are worth more in the UK than in USA, for example pickup trucks.

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