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Angelia's 67 RL411 project..

Farmer Joe

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Since you're picking up another KA, are you leaving the other engine in your truck?


yeah, itll hang out in there for now. im still going to do that 4.8 LS swap next year for sure though.. 



fiddled with the car yesterday. 


have the crossmember cut, and im going to jig it up and get it welded next time. 







more to come.. 

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okie dokie!!


got the KA... its in super good shape, clean, and has lots of new parts on it. has a new flywheel and clutch. has a new water pump and t stat. also has a new oil pump.


the harness is in perfect shape too. has a #10 ecu that it came with it from the same car.










so now, there isnt really any excuses.. time to work on it.


gonna get the crossmember finished up here next weekend. gotta take the front fenders off so i dont mess em up any more than they are. get the grill, bumper and valance off so i can work on the core support. 



more to come..

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Not saying this is the best idea in the world. But since I did not have a engine hoist at the time. While I was swapping my A12 into my 410 wagon I built a wooden frame that sat on top of the inner fender pinchweld and was braced so it could not move. Then had a beam that sat on top of frame and supported engine with a camstrap. I could then raise the motor up with the strap or lower it by using a car jack and releasing the strap. I was able to move left and right to design and fabricate my modified subframe, design and fabricate my custom motor/tranny mounts as well as deal with header and steering clearance issues. Good luck!!!



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fiddled around with the crossmember today.. 


got it welded up, and put some paint on it.. still have to weld a few more things to it once i get it goin in the car..






got my finder with the cutoff again... stupid..




ill get some more done with it next week. going to mount the crossmember to the car and see where it goes from there... 

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woo! more work done today....



got the frontend apart so i dont chinga up the grille and valance more than they are... cut the core support out to make it easier to get the KA in and out when im getting it done. 




got the frame rails cleaned up so i could mount the crossmember..




put the crossmember up, but found it was too high up in the car...











decided to space the crossmember down 2 inches.. also figured out a good way to mount the crossmember so i can still remove it. 










im gonna drill holes though the 4 layers laterally, and itll stay quite well i think..




here it is hangin out by itself.. 






gotta buy some better drill bits that actually cut, and get some hardware to keep the crossmember bolted in, and then its on to the tension rod mounts. 



more to come... 

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The narrowed crossmember looks clean. Do you think you'll miss having rubber isolators between the subframe and the unibody?


having never drove it with the stock subframe, i cant really say. 


im putting this together to mimic the suspension of the 210 i pulled all the parts off of. with my experience with x10 series cars, it should still still feel okay.


since its going to have struts now, im going to be using using a set of 200lbs springs. 

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back from the dead... again...


getting back to work on this little thing..



the wife and i bought a house, so its in its new home.




time is making itself more prevalent here in the past weekends.. ive been chiseling away little house projects and yard work and now can take some time for this thing.. 


so, im pickin up where i left off with the crossmember. ive almost finished drilling the holes to mount the crossmember to the car. 


next is figuring out how to mount the tension rod brackets. and then the strut towers after that. 


angelias happy im workin on it again.. lol




anyone notice anythin about this picture?




hee hee....




back with more here soon. 

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nah, unfortunately it went to the scrap yard... the previous owner didnt know what a pickle fork was, and bashed every balljoint and tierod thread with the hammer. i couldnt find affordable parts for it, so i chucked it.

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