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This 620 is so over the top... a feast for the senses

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Yes, it does look like an aborted 620 fetus.


Actually, if someone finished it off with mirror paint job, it would be the biggest draw wherever it went.


It is closer to some anime carton than reality.


Just reminded me of Bangladesh Bangers (if you've never seen those creations, it will amaze you how they build crazy customs with NO MONEY.  Like 12 guys scraping paint off with the backside of hacksaw blades since sandpaper is totally out of the question due to its cost.)

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That truck has been banging around Datsun forums for years. It's nothing more than a disease, really. 



We give you a hard time because we all know of it. You are not the first. You won't be the last. 






Heads up...there's a few 510 limos out there too. Don't post about them when you find them. 

Let someone else be the folly of that one. 

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I guess it is a matter of taste.  I was at a water park here recently when it was in the low 90's and there was this super model gorgeous stunning girl, short black hair, early 20's, with toddler, and her entire back was inked.


I know some youngsters that thought that was supremely hot, beautiful, attractive....   while I cringed - rare perfection completely defaced... for me it was like some hack tagged a 458 Ferrari.


This "Whack-a-Mole" 620 still gets my attention.  It's a Rat Rod which really grosses out a lot of people - so when combined with some crazy chopping and nutzo wheel design, it becomes a true abomination to a lot of people.


I think part of the concept is to gross people out.  Totally in your face.  Take that, Succa...


At first I thought it was not capable of actually being driven, but it looks like it can be driven.  Gotta' hand'm credit fer that.


What I don't like about it, is that the Rat Rod and Custom are fighting each other.  If it was given a fine show car refinement, the custom work would really pop.


But, they chose not to go that way.  Of course spools of MIG wire are quite cheap as is fabrication.  Who has $20-50k to spend on making it glossy?


In its defense, it appears that enough people like it to win some stuff and I'll bet if it showed up at a cruise, it would be THE talk of the meet.


Freak Show maybe - people will pay for a good gross-out.

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there seems to be a style of leaving the welds exposed.  ran into an insane "work truck" from the 40's at a custom car hot rod club locally here in Carson City.  It looked like some strange truck dragged out of a field.  Everything done to it was weathered to look that way.  The bed was two (yes two) old timey step side beds welded together to make a 16' bed.  It had running boards that were 12" wide and 4" off the ground - you could have had 6 guys standing on each side standing on them.  The cab doors had this old weathered lettering that was actually recently done but made to look old.  Model railroad and miniatures guys are all about weathering.  I'd post pics but I'm too lazy to 'bucket them.


Another friend here in NV has a 521 with TT 350 and runs in the 130's or 140's if he sprays it.  The hood is just about completely louvered and the truck body is rough but no rust.  The dash looks like a dyno control panel.  I got a ride in it and from 100 to 150, it mashes you back in the seat.  He did a kick down at 60 and smoked the tires to 100.

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wow thread ain't locked yet, that usually happens when somebody posts that 620 abortion or a few others. you will know them when you see them.


Flatcat not all those 510 limos are all that bad, I happen to like the purple one if only it was fixed proper ie getting rid of the vinyl roof


I didn't say they were bad. I was letting the OP know that they're out there and to not get trigger happy when found.


All those pics of the purple limo are taken from the rock lot of the Nissan dealer I used to work at here in Tri-Cities.

I have seen the car. It is a mess. Horribly executed.

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