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0 compression on front cylinder


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OMG! After checking the 70/510's compression the front cylinder has 0 compression. I guess that is why the car has less power and that strange exhaust leak sound. I guess a valve is not seating or is stoping just before seating. Another thing to sort out.


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Wel look at what I found. I can't say I have had this happen before.


I took a big screwdriver and popped it back into place and then there was compression in the cylinder. A little lower than the others but it probably been running like this for a while, not a great while but a little while. I took it for a short ride and she ran way way better it has a little tap but an adjustment should help that. And after I run it a while I will check and readjust it if needed. My guess is it will get better.


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If I loose a cylinder I alwasy ck this first . lash pad pops out usually or a valve sinks and cant be adjusted any more



burn that gas up and put new gas in that car

Hey I agree 100%, the gas is better in the since that the old gas that had turned to a thick gel is now liquid and burning fine but yes I need to drive it and get it burned through and put some fresh non ethanal gas in with some more SeaFome and it should bee fine. The 72 is now running like the days of old, I even took it up to 70 on the interstate for a while today that was exciting. I believe the 70/510 here will be doing much better very soon.
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I drain my tank every 2 years if I have stabil,


car not driven much

Hopefully I will not have to go that rout. I do drive them most weekends I am home. They only sat for a while way back when I was having seizures. But all is ok now with that and the cars are coming around and do get driven regularly. This is the first time I have had a fuel issue like this so hopefully it won't happen again. For sure when I put the motor in the wagon I will drain the tank of any gas or funk before I use the car. It will be easer being that the plug is outside the car.
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