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seat rail adapter plates

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Recently purchased a pair of seats from another Ratsun member to use in my 720. The seats are from a Mercedes Kompressor. The holes are not a perfect match. My friend made me a set of adapter plates so it would be easy to get the seats put in or to take them out when needed.


The plates are 60/61 aluminum that is 1.5" wide. The back plates measure .25" thick and the front ones are .375" thick. The material used came from http://www.onlinemetals.com/

As I had a 20% discount code and did not need shipping as they are in my neighborhood the cost to make the brackets was about $12.00. We go a 3' length of each size and cut it in half to make the four mounting plates.


There are holes that aligns with the original mounting threads. We used a metric socket cap screw to replace the original bolt as it is fasten them with a hex tool than a socket or wrench as there is only a small amount of clearance space to turn the fastener on the front inside location.


There are slotted holes sized to fit carriage bolts so that the bolts can't turn. Those carriage bolts form studs coming through from under the mounting plates onto which the seat is set, then a nut and washer is secures the seat to the carriage bolt.


The nice thing about this mounting plate system is there is no need to drill new holes into the vehicle. Also because the new position of holes is created with a slot there is some extra room for adjustment in case its required for ease of installation.


The new plates are shown in this photo, the holes at the left side mount the inside of the seat against the transmission hump. The front mount plates are the two lower ones the rear plates are the two at the top of this photo. The smallest of the holes are for the original bolt locations in my 720. The longer slots were created by drilling holes and then using an end mill on a Harbor Freight mini mill. However working carefully the slot can be extended with a file if you don't have access to a milling machine.


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Coming up shortly.  Black bracket on black floor with black seat is the same as trying to see a black cat in the dark.


Not in the least concerned with drawing people to use our design. I encourage individuals to do creative thinking. Its just another approach that is available but not one I have not seen documented. There are lots of approaches to mounting seats that don't match the original mounting holes.

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