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I've got the radiator mounted properly - I've got a bar on the driver-side that I can use to bolt the radiator up. I wanted to keep this stand as universal as possible... but the height of the radiator mount may be an issue in the future. If I end up throwing on another engine in the future and the radiator doesn't line up with the engine properly, I'll consider making the radiator mount adjustable.


With the the engine outside the car, I'll have to block off the coolant ports leading to the heater core. I don't have a heater in my car now anyway, so I could block them off and forget about them. I'll probably go with electric heat, since it warms up the car faster... although having a coolant-based heater core is a good way to cool your engine down a few degrees if necessary. :: shrug ::


Next steps:


1. Block off coolant ports and fill radiator.

2. Build mount for battery, gas container, and instrument panel.

3. Wire everything up.

4. Vroom.


I don't have a muffler attached, so it's probably going to get a little loud. vroom vroom. I think I might try to pipe the exhaust away from the header, though... I don't really want that much heat right next to me while I'm fiddling with the engine.

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