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Seattle mechanic to do suspension work on 1980 720 motorhome?


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Then you will be waiting forever. I don't do the copy, paste over and over again in an attempt to gather a bunch of kindling just to try and start up a big firestorm. What you just did is exactly what I mean by firestorming. You want to fan the flames, you are obessed with fanning the flames.


You have made it obvious you don't like me, now get on with your life and find some joy to fill it.


...and yet here you are posting away. Still...


I don't, 'don't like you', I simply asked you to explain comments made by you, about me, in some of your previous posts. Seems to me that you won't because you can't. Don't make comments you can't back up is what I'm saying, and.....



I'm still waiting.

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If u hear things that aren't being said or seeing things that aren't really there. Then I would refer you to a Dr.Phil forum.Straight up I don't like you, your nothing but a career victim. The world owes me...blah,blah,blah...seek help! Or you get to go through a miserable life of believing your own bullshit.

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This is way too elaborate and certainly too long a game (over four weeks) for a troll. (who usually want instant gratification) There were certain 'clues' in 'her' first post that are on the troll 'things to look out for' watch list. But instead though, just a garden variety bitter person, who see criticism where it is not. 



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Seems like the type of jerk who would show up at 5:59 and wander around saying, "I'm just looking."  Ask me how I know!  (Side note, customer service sucks on occasion, or maybe I'm just bitter because this is my 9th straight day without a day off. Heading for 13.)

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