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make a leather cover for a steering wheel


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This is not a tutorial I have personally created. It is a video tutorial from a very talented upholstery master from Mexico. The video is wordless in the verbal sense but all the relevant information is presented in English text sub titles. He shows everything from the thread to laying out the hole pattern and doing the stitching. He has many other videos are relevant such as covering a dash with leather and shift knobs too. His youtube channel is real treasure house of how to's that are presented in a way anyone can understand. I had promised one of the ratsun members I would provide this link and this seemed an appropriate thread to put it.


This is the baseball stitching pattern



This is the stitching pattern used on European sports cars


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I watched several hours of his video's. Very fascinating!! He has TALENT!! The glue he uses has signs of being a contact cement. I used contact cement for years, mostly solvent based (what he appears to use), but also some water based. This is the first time I've seen any contact cement used like this.



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