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Troubleshooting adding a classifieds add...


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So I can follow the instructions in this post to add a new classifieds add, but by the time that I click "add an advert" I get an error message.

The instructions:


The error:


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Not sure if non members can even post a want ad. Usually they post an introduction and tell us about themselves and their Datsun including pictures. They are then approved (usually) and away we go. Otherwise no one knows who you are. Give it a try...




I've looked at this and can't see any error or error message. You have to fill out all the blank spaces and put a price on it if selling.

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You just have to be an approved member, likely he can post a classified ad now that he has been approved. 


That way we can screen members who post in the classifieds but they don't have to make 5 posts. 

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There was no way to quantify what a member was. It sure isn't by post count. It was intended to discourage spammers but there are better ways now. Also (as Fisch) pointed out... A little old lady wants to part with her little 80K Datsun B-210 and joins just to pass it on to another Datsun owner. She shouldn't have to face a min post count and we shouldn't have to miss this opportunity.


Derwood you are approved but we hope you post an introduction in General Discussion.

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