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620 hub differences?

J's 620

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I'm trying to use the original hub from this truck. The bearings seem right, they are a good tight fit. The old bearings were clearly pitted and the new bearings wobble less. Still, it's enough wobble to damage the rotors I am replacing the drums with. I'm swapping the drums for discs. That is not normal to wobble like that is it?

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Did you knock out the old races the bearing run against in the hub? Only way the spindle can be bad is if the old bearings seized up, over heated and ground away the original inner races and chewed up the spindle.



I think you should start by detailing ALL the information about what you are doing. Now you say you are switching to disc?


Maybe list exactly what you have done so far and what your plans are. Pictures often show things overlooked in the text.

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I had some wheel wobbling.

I removed race and bearing.

Installed new race and bearing both inside and outside.

Not as much wobble but still wobbles.

I will load some pics for you.

Swapping from drum to a wilwood disc kit I purchased from datsunpartsllc

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This truck looks as if it's has been in at least 2 accidents. Is it possible to bend a spindle from a crash? The old race was intact and didn't get burned through.

It is.  I was working with a bent spindle from a roadster at one point.  Straightened it back out with a shop press.  As Matt said....no wobble......but it would cause clearance issues. 


Snug the spindle nut down firm enough that the hub doesn't want to turn......does it still wobble?  If so, I'm betting it's from bad kingpins, not the bearings.  To isolate......set the spindle nut....turn it firmly with your fingers while spinning the hub.  Now, take a 2x4 or length of wood.....put it just under the spindle nut from underneath and jack it up just a bit......this should take up any slop in the kingpin.  Make sure you can still spin the hub.  Is the hub still loose?  Wobble?  If it feels good at this point, you're play is in the kingpins and not the hub.

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I would be happier with Mike's kit! Too bad I didn't know about them. I will get a set for the rear though.

Anyway the hub is not wobbling if I tighten up the spindle nut. Nothing moves when I do what you just described.

I was able to sand down the back side of the hub and it doesn't wobble like it did. I watched Mike's videos where he wiggles the king pin and mine does not have any king pin play.

I apologize for the absence of pics. I have to get on the computer for that.

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Thanks :)

I'm still at a bit of a loss here.  You said you were able to sand down the back side of the hub......you should be working with the stock '76 drum hubs.....there's nothing to sand down on the backside.  That big brake kit has the rotor slip over the drum hub.  If you're trying to put the '78 hubs on the '76 spindles, they're the wrong size and will definitely wobble unless tightened down too tight.  You shouldn't need the '78 hub with that kit anyway.

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Here's how I tighten the spindle nuts.  It's on a 510, but I do it the same on the trucks.




I just read your posts above.....you said you're using the stock hub.....which should be the drum hub.  Do you know what the bearing numbers are that you put in?

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Just to clarify......the hub wobbles when it turns. It doesn't exactly wobble on a stand still.

I sanded the backside of the hub (76 hub) on the face where it would slide all the way on to the spindle and touch the brake bracket, where the grease seal is. Yes the rotor slides over the hub....no sanding there.

The outer is a centric 41090012

The inner is a centric 41091024/ br 31. There's a few different numbers

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Sounds about right.....that set27 is some kind of joke......there's no opening in the race. lol 


You can compare your inners(outers are fine) with the info in this thread.  http://community.ratsun.net/topic/66345-front-wheel-bearing-options-let-put-it-to-rest/


Sounds like you're talking about a bent/warped hub.  If you adjust the bearings according to the vid I linked and you have no play......the hub is bad.  You can use any drum hub as a replacement if you have trouble finding 620 hubs.

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Just to let anyone or EVERYONE know......the datsunpartsllc brake kit is CRAP. Just because they don't answer my emails :) But really they suck.


I can't figure out why the calipers clamp down and don't return. I have worked the pistons back and forth way too many times for them to be stuck. The rotors are for race cars not my street truck. And the brackets are aluminium, they should be steel. The bolts are steel.

Just a rant.

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