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flat land rider

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It would bolt to your tranny but is much longer so you would have to re-locate the rad to the bed and run an electric fan. You would need a high pressure fuel pump for the EFI. Doubt the motor mts. would line up. The 720 brake booster might be in the way of the EFI. If you cut into the firewall it could fit with the rad but the tranny would have to move back and that would need a shorter drive shaft and on and on...that's a no no. All in all, I would not do this. Only one or two ways to get it right and too many to screw it up.


Save up for a used VG motor/tranny from a D-21 truck.

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I know someone who put an L28 in a 510. They remade a new firewall and moved it back a bit. That thing was fast though. It ended getting totaled. Any who I am guessing the same with the fire wall would have to be done.

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