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Rat N Wrench Giveaway

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This thread made it to 5 pages before it turned to sodomy. Impressive!



no supirses there 



I don't know why all my threads turn gay...



cuz girl pants 



I was supposed to get mine saturday.


It didn't happen because someone lost track of days...



your not familiar with tristin....The "im coming, wait it rained and my fuse box got wet.... "   or "  yeah i will be there ... wait my starter doesnt work so i didn't wanna drive my car and not be able to shut it off ..."  






"ratsun work party ... help me swap my slush box to another with none of the right parts and i wont even get my hands dirty or buy q tip a gluten free bruger thread..."

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im not intolerant at all .. if anyone thinks getting off un hazed for disappearing there mistaken ... ole skinny pants needs to pay for the non washing of his wheels since clearly his jeans get dried on hi

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