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guys, give me your thoughts on my '93 Tracer's idling issue.

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when I bought it, it ran like it had a dirty fuel filter. It sat from April until July with 1/4 tank of fuel but was started occasionally.I changed the filter and saw nasty brown gas come out. I also changed the plugs (NGK), plug wires, air filter, oil, oil filter and the 02 sensor. I did not drain the fuel tank. I topped it off to full with premium and Marvel Mystery Oil. It's never idled great but it was decent for a few days.


After a day or two of being decent it got to where it wouldn't idle at all. I let it set for about a week and fired it up. It would not idle on it's own but ran much smoother. I took it out on the highway and it was incredibly smooth! It ran up to seventy-five MPH like nothing and held it for about four miles until I slowed down to turn and come back home.


On the return trip, she wouldn't get over forty-five MPH and ran noticeably rougher. She would not idle in the yard when I got home.


I smell that classic smell of bad gas. I'm thinking about springing for a new idle air control valve and maybe a new fuel pump? No? Maybe another fuel filter change? After I run all that bad gas out?

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I would do the fuel filter again right now and plan on maybe doing at least one more. start there, and double check all the other work you have done. Maybe a spark plug wire has come loose etc.

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guys, thanks! I did a second fuel filter change and the filter was almost completely stopped up. I changed it out but still had idle problems as in it wouldn't idle.


I found a bolt with a rounded off head that reminded me of a carb's idle screw. I got the bolt out using vice grips, dug one with the same threads out of my bolt bin, cranked it down as far as it would go, started the car, backed it off about 1/2 an inch and now she idles and drives pretty damned good though I think she's still fighting contaminated fuel.


Here's what I replaced:



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*not pictured is the wadded up far right edge of the front bumper that he messed a couple of weeks back on a guardrail at the field house as he went flying to football practice - goddamned near hit the coach who had to jump out of the way.


his version: "It's those 15s, dad. You said they throw off the speedometer. We either need to get 13s back on it or have that speedometer recalibrated".


fuck it. $400 car that he drives everywhere!

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