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Thinking about buying this.....


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This thing is local and has been on CL for awhile and the price keeps dropping. It is down to $500 now. It needs a head gasket which is no big. I have a fifth wheel trailer already but this would be fun for just some one nighter camping close by, wouldn't have to hook up the 30' trailer and get it ready for just one night.

What do you think.....






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I am digging the seat covers as well plus the fuzzy dice you can see under the steering wheel , I have an appointment to look at this thing this week.....we will see, I might be on here with a new rig

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The nice thing about here in Colorado, 620's aren't that popular, but they are few and far between, but when they do come up they are usually around for awhile and you can usually get a good price for them. But they are usually not in the best shape either.

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That is a cool find!! I have been looking at 620 Chinooks, which had a fiberglass camper body and a pop=up roof. The show "pimp My ride" got Me to thinking about:


Wrapkit frontend


Rectagular headlights with tube grille


One GIANT rear tire on dually rim or very wide rim


Gut the interior and place speakers, amps and lights for the biggest sound system a 620 has ever had


Naturally bagged or lowered




That is too clean for that idea, though. There is a thread here about RVs with pictures of other types including Chinooks.

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Steroid, not finding that thread but would love to see that to get ideas. I think I really want to buy this thing the more I thik about it.


Dwnshfter, not sure what it looks either but I do recognize the name. I am sure if I saw it I would remember. I do know it is a type of motorhome. A little smaller in the back at what is pictured here.

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