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521 Wheel Width / Offset


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Hi guys,


I'm new here and after much creeping on the forums I decided to register and post. I'm currently in the market for my first 521 and this forum has been very useful in helping me learn about the trucks.


Before I get jumped on, I DID use the search button and while I found a couple of threads that pertained to the topic, I didn't find a thread with as much information as I was hoping to find. I'm trying to see what width and offset of wheels most of the members are here are running. Threads like the post a picture of your 521 are great as there are countless good looking trucks in there, but I would love to know what width and offset of wheels are on the trucks. The closest thread to this that I found was this




but I would love to find some more information on what sizes guys are running, and then pictures to see what it looks like. With that being said, if any members want to help me out, post a picture of your setup and include the width and offset?


Thanks in advance!

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Top Posters In This Topic

search for picts of a truck(s) with the rim, and stance you like, then PM that member and ask "Hey. I really like your truck. What size and offset are your rims, and what did you do to get them mounted". Don't be afraid, most members LOVE to talk about their cars & trucks. Remember, mods like brakes, coilovers, tubs, stance, etc all play a part in what rims you can & can't run.


When buying a truck, chances are it will have some modification to the suspension/brakes. It would be good to know what mods will help you in getting the stance, rims, setup you want. 

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What kind of look do you want to go for? What these guys are saying is correct. I'm running the K5 Chevy Rally wheels (15x8 -19 offset) 205 50 15 tires with 3" drop blocks in the rear with the front suspension reindexed 1 or 2 splines, can't remember. Imo, it's perfect and you can "sort of" still use the bed to haul stuff. (Bumpy/stiff/uneven ride, bottoming out occasionally). I also cut the rear bump stop above the rear axle that looks like an 8, now is a 0. Good luck finding one that isn't in need of a complete restoration and rusted out, it will depend on your area. Expect to pay a good chunk of money for one that is in pretty good shape. I'm not new to this site either, but like you just created an account to ask questions and help out other ratsun members. Welcome.   

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Thank you for the replies everyone.


Beezebeau, is the top picture of the white truck yours with 3" blocks and reindexed splines?


From reading elsewhere on the forum and other research, and then supported by your last post, I've heard that anything greater than a 3" drop begins to get expensive and destroy the ride, so I believe I would be happy with something like that.


As for width / offset, I think I would be interested something similar to one of the bottom two images.







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Yeah, the top photo is mine with the 2 degree tapered 3" drop blocks and reindexed splines with the oem (original) stock wheels. If you look at my other photos (red wheels) they are the same exact ones that you show in the other two photos below mine. Those other photos that you posted beneath mine are waaaay lower, probably more than 4" drop blocks and have other modifications or leafs pulled out. If you go lower I've been told you will have driveline issues because the pitch or degree doesn't line up correctly with your rear axle, your shock bolts on the rear I believe are one of the lowest points on the truck and will hit anything that is more than a few inches tall and not to mention bottoming out/no suspension. If you run even wider wheels or lower offsets you'll have to flare your fenders or cut/roll them as well. To be honest the photos don't do my truck justice, if you were to see in person what I did to the truck (pretty generic) and stand back and look at it or see it going down the road, it looks slammed and low to the ground enough. Looks aggressive too, like you could take an attempt at an autocross course.   

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