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Datslocos fun run/campout to MT Shasta Aug 28-30th


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How's the cooking situation? Should I be bringing charcoal? I want to cook some hotdogs.


Kind of running out of room in the b210 here....

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How's the cooking situation? Should I be bringing charcoal? I want to cook some hotdogs.

Kind of running out of room in the b210 here....

I brought coals.....


....a set of BBQ tongs would be good.

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Was a BLAST......


.....thank you Gino for putting this together.......











When's the next one????? :sneaky:  :w00t:  :hyper:  :frantics:

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we had a great time and cant wait to do it again 

we were in a hurry to get there 


once we were there we had to get a photo by the lake 



lunch on the way home , this place is in redding and my wifes Grandma worked there for over 25 years till she retired she passed away a few years ago and it was great to go eat at her old workplace 

this is a family owned business and has been in business since 1933 one of the workers or owners still remember my wife going there as a child 

chinese and american food served 





It was nice talking with you jester and putting a face to the name 

also nice to meet you draker and hogie also putting faces to names 

the others I met I didnt get your ratsun names but it was great to meet and chat with each of you 

thanks again for all the workers who put the fire together it was awesome to sit and chat sat night 


to anyone who missed this       well lets hope more pics show up because you missed a fantastic time 


and by the way the speedo in the first pic is 10 mph fast but on the trip home we hit over 100 once in the 1200 and it still wanted to go 

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I'm coming up to cottonwood now, Busta, I can stop in Redding and pick up some thongs..... I'll roll down my window and toss them out as I cross the bridge blowing my horn!


What size???

                                                                                                                                                     TONGS LOL :w00t:  :w00t:  :w00t:

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