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Chris' 68 4 door bluh bluh bluh Datsun

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The dishes are done Dude

LOL I say that all the time! Excellent work as usual. James, with all the 510s you have done, do you ever feel like you are living 'groundhog day'? When I am on deeep deadline, I say to the wife every morning, 'Time to make the doughnuts...' before stumbling to the studio. Even if so, know it is appreciated.

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Hi, I've been following this Datson story from the beginning, well I found it, a few months ago, just wondering how to keep following it? Can't seem to find Chris as a user of this site, figure that the 510 keeper won't add anything more... Any ideas? It's such a great story, such great work! Looks gorgeous! Thanks!

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Holy hell after over 3.5 years this project has finally made it home. 


Ive painted alot of dimes that have never seen the light. Still hiding in garages and getting beat up as storage shelves. but this one will be on the road in min time Chris is happy and already putting her back together.


Alone in the shop, so not a lot of pics with me. but i did this one color sanding the roof b4 buff and polish






(heard in the back ground wow im a fucking addict)






This fucking guy, yep towed her up to Todd at TMG upholstery 



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Once the 68 was back to the shop, it was time to put the finishing touches 


Sand and reseal floors, trunk, and wheel wells












Doors, fenders. hood and trunk on 












LA here we come



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Thanks for always posting James. Really man, thanks. All I want to do is get out to my garage and work on some Datsun, but am so busy, and as a freelancer, that means no down time. But seeing what you do makes me oddly feel better about it. Vicariously living through your actions.

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For anyone who has read this far in to the thread, you know that this car was in bad shape when James agreed to save her from most certain death. I didn't admit this to James then, but I will now, I would have given up if it were not for him. I was ready to throw in the towel and just say that "enough was enough."


James I can't thank you enough and you have my word that this car will be on the road before the end of summer 2017. We are scheduled to have fuel, brakes, suspension and wiring all done by February. Almost everything has been replated, powder coated and is ready for installation. I am commited to putting the love and care in the project that you did all the way to the end.


I couldn't have done it without you. I appreciate what you did for me so sincerely. She looks amazing!!

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