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The seat belt search...


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Is over!


Zuum510 is a real good kid:) and he hooked me up with some of his old lapbelts. I finally got them installed this week. It feels great to be able to ride with both my kids legally.


I just used the factory holes and hardware but doubled up the inside belts.


So, a public thanks to Zuum510 for the good "Ratsun bro" deal and the peace of mind that comes from knowing that even if a cop were to pull me over for having 3 people in the cab of a mini-truck...


"Check it out officer...3 belts!":D


"Yeah, it was a factory option...sort of a JDM deal though...you might not know what that means officer, but it's really cool...trust me"

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Yeah...I can't see that being good at all:blink:


I do have one single black Deist racing harness that was in the 521 before the swap...it's just a lap belt, but it is pretty cool. If anyone out there wants it.


I like the look and feel of the harness, but I prefer the stock looking belts.

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My dad had a 1970 521 and during the 70's gas crisis we all used to go out in that thing - dad driving, mom in passenger seat, brother in the middle and me in my mom's lap, nobody wearing seat belts. How did any of us older people ever get this old with the stupid shit we did back then?

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How did any of us older people ever get this old with the stupid shit we did back then?


I totally agree with your wondering. My Dad had a '72 521 and decided it would be a cool thing to build a homemade Canopy for it, then put 3 adults up front, 9 kids in the back (age range from 18 months to 14 years) and then go on a 3 week camping vacation from Southern Oregon up into Canada and back. All the while pulling an aluminum boat and motor to carry all of the supplies. Not a seat belt in sight on that trip. And yet we all survived. Can't say that I would ever considering doing that at this point in my life.

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We all lived to tell the tale!


All the V.W. trips with like 13 of us all packed in! The Ford Courier trips with 3 of us and maybe a seat belt or two, but not 3! The trips down to the river bottom, to the dunes, the beach or the dessert without seat belts!:rolleyes:


I recall taking my drivers test in my Dad's Studebaker pickup with no seat belts or turn signals. The lady was like :eek: and my dad was like :lol:. I was so stoked that I passed! She just had me go around 2 blocks and back. I think the Corvette 327 with the Holley 850 double pumper got her scared! Well, it may have been that I pushed the one on the right a bit too much while leaving the DMV parking lot!:D


Yeah, how did we all survive without cell phones, sterile schools and hand sanitizer?:blink:

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