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1980 210 engine


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I was driving uphill like 45 degree and the engine starts to splutter and press more gas then the engine shutdown rolling backward. Rolling backward reach flat surface, start the engine driving uphill again then the engine shutdown rolling backward. On flat surface, start the engine and press gas then shutdown rolling backward on flat surface. Shutdown on gear D, 2 and 1.


I replaced new gas pump, gas filter, oil and filter, drain out old coolant into new and 2 new belts.


My 210 starts to lose torque going uphill. Anyone suggest what I need to replace? Clutch?



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Next time it quits and before re starting it look at the front of the carb, There is a glass bull's eye with a dot to show where the proper fuel level should be. My guess is you will find the carb empty.



A/ Fuel filters are cheap. Replace it again and cut the old one open and see if it's full of sediment. If so you might want to either carry a couple extra filters and change them until all the crap is caught or remove and clean tank.


B/ Your float is set too low and the high demand for fuel, like climbing a hill, uses the gas in the float chamber faster than it can get in and it runs out. 

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