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my 910 sss in finland

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hey there is some photos my 910 sss and 910 4d sedan B)











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Beautiful cars man. Did they sell the 2 doors in Finland or did you import it?

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yes these are sell here, i dont know how many? :)


ooh fuck




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Hello! Do you have some more photo of this white blubird? I need some parts from this)

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Mulla ois edellistä koppaa (810) projekti ja tarvisin siihen erillisjousitetun taka-akseliston kaikkineen, mieluiten levyjarruilla. Jos oon oikein ymmärtäny niin tästä pitäis sopia suoraan. Sattuisko löytymään ylimäärästä?






I have previous model (810) project and I need independend rear suspension in whole, preferring one with disk brake. If I have understood correcty, this should do. Any chances you have one extra?


Just translating from finnish. Do any of you guys know if it is right? Are 810/910 IRS the same? Sorry off-topic, remove if you feel so. Great savings, BTW!

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