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RIP Uber Deaf One

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The news report isnt  100% accurate, he was 24



"Chris & his Dad were cruising - they were doing the speed limit & had been passed by other bikes cause they were going to slow. Chris had been havin issues with his heart & was having palpitations on & off. Where we found his visor and top vent piece off his helmet leads us to believe he lost conciousness as he initially hit the side of the road. Chris knew what to do on a bike if it went down. The had just ridden all the way to Santa Cruz on 9. He wasnt ready to come home so he told his Dad he wanted to go down 35. They were having a great, peaceful ride on a beautiful day."

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No one leaves here with their life. If you have something you want to do or experience, do it while you can, you don't get to take a make up exam. Dare great things. Follow your bliss. Happiness and success are relative. Experience all that there is to offer. Do it now.   

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