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i dont know if its possible or whatever but i've seen some sites have a life chat deal, i dont think you could doit with the forum but maybe theres another way to incorperate it? i just think it would be cool, some of ya might not be into it but it would make things easier some times, Granted ya some important information could be lost, but it could always be copyed an put in a info thread or something, plus we could just BS an not worry about makin a dumb post or something.. i do have a chat program called mIRC maybe some of you have heard of it.. its free an all that crap anyway just a thought really

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zdriver has chat, it got used at first, but now is rarely visited.


I notice it's mostly those under 16 that walk around in public with a cell glued to their ear ignoring their friends and g/fs. It's kid stuff and nothing serious gets said or discussed. They just hate 'dead air' and spew out all their internal dialogue to any that will listen. As they get older they grow out of that need and are more serious and talk less. Maybe I just don't get Chat Rooms.

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ok well if you old farts dont wanna chat then so beit :fu: i just like bein able to chat with people instead of havin to post post post post post, a thread can get filled up quick if 2 people are talkin an they're both responding with in seconds of eachother, im a fast typer and a medium to fast reader, and i guess it would be nice to chat about something with out havin to make a thread, then check to see if anyones responded to the thread anyways sorry, i didnt know this "live chat" shit had been covered before... i guess we'll just keep the mindless chat for the car shows or something

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Your prayers have been answered, well sort of. :D


Some of you have notice changes in the way your profile looks. You will also notice a new way of communication that is much faster than PMs if the person you want to talk to is currently online when you want to talk to them.


Here is what you do:


First, go and look at your profile, then you will see what I am talking about.


Then, if you see your buddy is online and you want to send them a quick note you type a message in the "Visitors Msg" box and send it.


They will be notified of your message by a notification similar to PMs. Then you stay on their profile and wait for them to respond. Then chat away. You also can have more than one conversation at a time...so invite people to your profile to chat and have a party. :lol:


There may be a 30sec delay between your posts..I am not sure, but try it out.


Have fun!

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yes theres a 30 second delay in posting which is fine, this isnt really a "private chat" so if u dont want personel stuff out in the open beware of that! also you may want to refresh the page every minute or two to see if whoever you were talkin to has responded.. it will say you have a "notification" in the top right corner of the page like it does with private messages.. or if you jus refresh the page you'll see the msg they left, the stuff can be deleted also so you can keep your chat box clean

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It is important to stay in the person's profile when waiting for a response, other wise you will not know when they type back. It will take some getting used to, and some of you will not like it for sure. But, at least give it a try.


You also will notice you can add friends, albums, groups, and see your stats. Sorta like My Space...but better!


"Ratsun Space" (thanks Lynch for the term) :D

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