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I just dropped a bit of change for an S15 SR20 with a six speed.


I'm thinking that the drivetrain will be installed in November.  I need to give it the proverbial once over and put on some parts before dropping it in the 620.  A new wiring harness, a Nistune workup, a new drag exhaust, and whatever else I find.  I need to take my time with this before it goes in...


...I'm like an expectant father...


The drivetrain should land within the week.  Pics to follow when it lands.

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@ Elkie - I was tired of waiting for a good KA to land on my radar. I went to Tiger Japanese and looked around on their site. Blacktop S15 motors with low mileage don't seem to come around too often, so it was a matter of drooling a bit, considering the size, weight, and overall readiness versus a KA...


...I figured that in the overall scheme of the project, an SR20 wouldn't be a bad choice given that it was turboed from the get go, so less overall headaches.


This was the listing I purchased from:



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@ jrock - I hear you on the mini model.  That made me chuckle and then think how many ways of crazy I'd go over a $2400 purchase if it didn't come out of the box as advertised.  That being said, I picked it because of the 30 day warranty.  The shop owner and I will go over the drivetrain the day it lands.  If it's wrong, we'll contact Tiger JAP and work the solution.  The shop owner has treated me well and is looking forward to doing another SR20 build and install.  It'll be his first drag specific project with an SR though.  I'm confident in his abilities.


@ 5t - I'm in a house.  I purchased my wife a new center stone for her engagement ring...I'm free to go buck wild on this little 620.  Now, let this drivetrain get here.  I'll need to work a custom wiring harness for it soon after.  Then it's the install and the new rear end and the 4 link...the Strange Ford 9" rear I'm looking at is damned expensive @ $6K.  But it has my goals in mind (aside from blowing all my available cash).

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Testing the pics on Chrome...Thank you hobo...Looks like it works.

So the situation is that Tiger JAP backed out of the purchase telling me that the engine didn't make good compression.  Okay.  I spent my lunch break at the shop that was/is going to install the drivetrain.  The owners are parting out their shop Skyline.  Being in a bad mood (read: compulsive), I inquired about the parting out process.


The short story is I've picked up the finished engine and transmission.  The engine pics were taken this afternoon.  I also realize that this doesn't necessarily prove anything.  I also have to get the drive train into the 620.  You also notice that I've not included the pricing on the itemization you see here...yeah, well, that's my secret.  

I'm estimating that I'll have the heart transplant as a Christmas present to myself.  This is costing a little bit...but it really is a finished power plant.  It's also super clean.

So, the bottom line is, there'll be lots more pictures to come.  I'll get some for you guys with the drive train out of the donor.  Then it's a new wiring harness and lots of welding/fab for mounts and cutting of the cab to fit this bad boy.







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Keep in mind those pics are a left hand drive car. If you run a top mount turbo it runs really close to the master cylinder.  My car has the AC compressor installed and that created all kinds of headaches, from running a different steering system to using a topmost turbo.  


Eventually I went to a water to air intercooler and had to get creative about how to mount mini heat exchanger for the water cooling.  I'll post pics when I get back.  The passenger side fender well has a hole cut into the bottom.


Nice thing about the newer SR20 is it has passages built into the valve cover so you don't need and oil separator.  It was one more thing I had to because I ran a topmount turbo.

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I was looking at the positioning of that turbo as well.


Thinking about it a little, I believe we can get creative with the firewall and the MC placement.  I know my 620 doesn't have any AC...hell, it doesn't have a dash at this point, just a tach zip tied to the steering column mount.  We'll see when we get the truck and the engine together for a meeting.  I don't like the PTE turbo, but I'll use it until it dies or until I save up some pennies for a Garrett.  I've heard too many horror stories about PTE and some of the other turbo hot-house brands.  


This is going to be a long term project for sure.  No weekend jobbie.  I'm hoping by this time next year I can at least enter it into some "under construction" categories at shows...we'll see.

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The tittle of the post says SR20, but the picture is an RB.  That is going to take a pretty good notch to the firewall.  I hope you have a king cab.  The SR was already tight.  I recessed the firewall on my truck about and inch although there are others who have done it without doing that.  It all depends on how much room you want to leave for the fan and radiator.

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I thought I mentioned that the importer backed out of the sale, saying that the SR20 failed compression testing.  "Mike" from Tiger JAP didn't give me a solid time that he would receive another S15 SR20.  So being a bit incensed (to say the least) that I had to chase information down about my purchase, I gave Tiger the big Bronx salute and took a really neat opportunity to grab a finished RB.  This, of course, will change the entire project from drag racing to more than likely show and go.  


Yes, there will be a lot of modification to the firewall of the cab.  I already need to replace parts of the floor pan.  The idea of fabbing a new transmission tunnel is already in the works.  This opportunity was not to be passed up and not to be shied away from, especially at the price I received from the shop owners.  The shop has worked with all types of vehicles from your regular street runners, sand rails, import drag racing, all the way up to pro-2 drifting vehicles.  The fabrication end of this project doesn't daunt us at all.  :devil:  This will be a long term project, with the short term goal being a running truck by this time next year.  I, fortunately, have a skillset that the owners of the shop like to use every so often.  That helps me achieve good rates and the proverbial "in" on happenings.


As for the fan and radiator, I completely understand the space issue.  The weight/balance issue is more pressing to me at this point.  Still, mounting a radiator in the bed of the truck isn't out of the cards either.


There's going to be a lot of late nights, beer, and food...not to mention the shop community rallying around this project.  You don't see an RB like this put into a 620 very often.  In my location, I'm sure the Datsun guys would appreciate the work put into it as well as keeping it all Nissan instead of turning it into a multi-manufacturer project.  

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There's lots of room where the spare tire would go. A huge rad could fit in there horizontally with fans pushing air down through it. Out of sight, clean, wouldn't hurt the front to rear weight bias either.

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Exactly the type of concept we were thinking of.  I don't have a spare sitting in the vehicle right now anyway.  Running the in and out down the frame rails (or close to them).  Since I'm thinking now that this won't be a drag platform, simply because it's too damned pretty to beat it, I don't see the harm with this rear radiator idea.  Free that space up!


The MC is my true concern.  I'm also wondering what the feasibility would be in switching the MC to the passenger's side of the cab...

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How about an inside the cab master setup? Basically a reversed pedal assembly with the leverage applied in the opposite direction.


Wilwood sells generic racecar setups that are basically knock-offs of the old Tilton stuff from the 80's.



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