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Dash Pads For Sale 620-B210

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I take it you're making these? Do you pre-cut the hole for the "fasten belts" thing on the top of the dash? Any pics from the front? I'm interested in one, but probably couldn't get one until I get paid in a couple weeks.

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RacnJsn95, yeah I do. No, I don't precut the hole for the seatbelt light. I'm not sure if all the seatbelt light holes are exactly the same. They probably are. My 620 is a 1977. It's easy to do. I could go off my truck and have yours cut out for you, but to mount it like I did, you have to get under the dash and remove the two screws that hold the light in and then mount the light over top of the pad, clean look. So, if you do that then you might as well lay the pad on the dash and reach up there and mark the hole for the light and the two screw holes, cut it out with a utility knife and then mount it. just let me know when your ready. I thought I put a pic of the front.

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I have one of Rubberman's prototype Dashpads, well made. They work great, and cover up the cracks in your vinyl and install in seconds.


Dash pads are a very nice quick fix and last for decades.



Great price. (How do you upload PIC's??)

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I'm interested in this for 620...Can you tell me how much they COST YOU please?


Just curious how much you had to pay for them, and where did you get them?




I make them, So I figure the cost of material and my labor. It's not like they take 15 minutes to make, I know it doesn't look like there's much to it, but try it and you'll see. Do I smell sarcasim there phatdave? I'll give you a real good deal.

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