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Production numbers for '81-'84 810/910 Datsun Nissan Maximas


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Ok, so a while back in my Maxima wagon build thread I delved into this subject.  My local Nissan dealer contact was unable to pull up any information on the number of cars produced.  I even emailed Nissan consumer affairs and they came back with the same answer.  It's like they just swept all the information in the trash bin and said whatevs!


Consequently, I'm starting this thread to list vin numbers so we can get some sort of an idea of production quantities of first gen Maximas from 1981-1984.


My wagon is presumably one of the last as it's production date is 5/84.


The info plate is a little interesting.

Type is WHD910, however, below that is

Model no. WHLD910AEUCS, but it's not diesel, so perhaps that's left hand drive?

VIN is JN1HU05S5EX050461  So I'm completely assuming that means its the 50,461st wagon made?


Moving on to the sedan autocross Maxima which is a 1/84 production date.

Type is HG910

Model is HLG940FEUC

VIN is JN1HU01S4ET232309  So assuming from the first that's the 232,309th sedan made?  Seems like there wouldn't even be that many, or maybe they just got rusted away/crushed already.


So that's the start of it.  The rest of you guys, post your information if you would.  I have a pretty late production wagon.  If we could find some early 81 sedans or wagon to get an idea of the first of these, that would be awesome.

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"VIN is JN1HU05S5EX050461  So I'm completely assuming that means its the 50,461st wagon made?"


Most likely!  The zero following the "EX" normally means the first year of designated model production, so 50461 is most likely the unit sequence for the first year of production.


"VIN is JN1HU01S4ET232309  So assuming from the first that's the 232,309th sedan made?"


  • Unlikely! the first digit following the "ET" being a "2" would signify the third year of that series production.  So you have the 31309 build of the third year.
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W ... is wagon. No letter here is a sedan

H .... is the L24E engine. An S here is a diesel (LD28)

L ..... is Left hand drive

D .... is rigid axle (H-190) A G here is IRS




D .... is DX delux. nothing here is SL

F .... is Five speed, A is automatic

E .... is Electronic fuel injection

U .... is federsl, V is California


So WHLD910AEUCS looks like wagon, L24E, 910 (Maxima) automatic, EFI, federal. Looks like some extra letters. CS


JN1........ Made in Japan

H............ L24E (S is diesel)

U0.......... 910

5............. wagon (1 is sedan)

S............ no meaning

5............ check digit

E............ '84 (B-'81, C-'82, D-'83)

X............ Nissha production plant (U-Oppama)

050461.. Serial Number






Model is HLG940FEUC.... sedan, L24E, IRS 910 (Maxima) SL, EFI, 5 speed, federal. Left over C

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Well if I had looked in my factory service manual, I would have found the answer to begin with!  An X in the 9th position is a check digit.  0 to 9 or X.


Now, here's interesting info:


I have a 1983 FSM and it states gas engine wagon starts with 030001, sedan with 060051

diesel engine wagon starts with 008001, diesel engine sedan starts with 030051


So if 83 was the second to last year of production, only 8000 diesel wagons had been made in the first two years.  Not a lot.


MikeRL411, I find no evidence to support the first digit after the X indicates a year of production model.  The FSM has example VIN JN1HU05SXDX-030001 for the wagon.  The first X is check digit though, after that I think would be regular production.  But of course I could be wrong.


Gamez, what date of production is your car?  Month/year?

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