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I didn't make it to Canby, but...

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I made people fear Datsuns. Finally won a race. Got a nice trophy, 300 bucks, and a steak dinner. Life is good.



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Taken down detroit iron all day.



...waitaminute.. Isn't there something a little Detroity about that particular Z?

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I travelled 2600km round trip through 3 provinces with my son to rescue a 78 a10. He also threw in a peanut head intake and exhaust Mani's and I traded him a pollished Nissan valve cover for an older one that says Datsun.

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I didn't make it to canby but I went on a poker run my neighbors put on to benefit the American cancer society. The flyer said cars welcome, for some reason we were the only one. There was something odd about a lone 510 in a pack of bikes. Best part was at each checkpoint people were saying look at that old Datsun and waving, the hogs in our group got no love.

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Nice, congrats dude



You're gonna have to come down the street end of next month for a bbq


I have a race on Saturday, but I can roll up on Sunday. If it turns out to be a Saturday event, I will be up for leftovers.

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...waitaminute.. Isn't there something a little Detroity about that particular Z?


Yes it is a mutation. But the announcers just call it a Datsun 280z. 


On Friday night car club races, I run with the GM pack. The import event promoters wont let me play with them though. 

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Fuck yeah!  Go Datsun, I don't care if it is GM powered!  Beat 'em all!  You still have your 521 drag truck?


Hey Matt! Yes I still have the drag 521. It's in storage waiting for a new shortblock,(96 stroke x 90 bore stuffed in a medium block) and a decision regarding the trans. As much as I like rowing gears, the brass syncros and the shift linkage aint cutting it. So it's going to get a G force or a ford c4 auto with a really loose converter. Probably the latter.

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